A world where plastic isn't wasted but recycled infinitely:
AROMATICA proposal for a circular life


AROMATICA collects empty bottles and transparent PET packaging. We set up collection bases throughout the region and collect them ourselves with our own Join the Circle electric trucks. AROMATICA's own products are packaged in these transparent PET - making it easier to recycling. We launched zero waste stores in Seoul metropolitan area and work with local communities, commercial facilities and local authorities to collect recyclable packaging. AROMATICA's big picture is indeed a circular, not linear, recycling system. Join the Circle for a better world.


2,448kg of PET

We Collected

*as of 2022. 05. 13


Our Goal


Join the Circle represents our goal to end plastic waste and recycle them back into their original form for further use. In other word, we aim to create an infinite cycle of life for plastic resources. This is an expansion of the existing environmental campaign "Infinite Plastic Cycle". AROMATICA will continue to promote a campaign that emphasizes the plastic resource circulation system under the name Join the Circle, and invite people to join our sustainable lifestyle.


Fake recycling

The problem recycling screening sites face in Korea

Even if the resources are sorted and discarded carefully according to types, they often get mixed and contaminated during the screening process. In poor work environments of dirty floor and small spaces, the empty bottles are often not properly sorted in the manual screening process and what's considered "unrecyclable" are incinerated or buried. Not to mention that most cosmetic bottles on the market are made from a mixture of different materials, they cannot be recycled and become general waste.


Transparent PET

Why AROMATICA focuses on transparent PET

Out of the different types of plastic, such as PET, PP, PS, and PVS, PET retains its highest quality when recycled. After sorting, P ET undergoes recycling through crushing and dissolving before eventually returning back to its raw material form for new cosmetic containers. To ensure a worthy recyceld raw materials, we only collect transparent PET that are not formulated with other materials. Should the plastic contain water-repellent coatings, the PET plastic thus become less valuable as a recyclable raw material. The transparent PET that we collect from our collection bases is reborn into the finest PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic.


10 tons

Our goal and the beginning

The minimum batch quantity required to transform transparent PET from our collection bases is 20 tons. The collected PET will turn into flakes before turning into a recycled raw material. If the 20 tons are not achieved, we will have to mix with plastics of poor quality. We are moving towards the goal of 20 tons to produce top-rated recycled plastics, using clean resources that we directly collect. Even if it takes time, becomes cumbersome and difficult, this is where real recycling can begin.


AROMATICA's Good Influence on Earth

AROMATICA produces sustainable and effective products that protect life and environment. We are active in our efforts of environment conservation and restoration to help return the global environment to its original state. Our end goal is to leave no waste on the planet through complete circulation and recycling initiatives. First, we have developed sustainable packaging that reduces carbon emissions and is easy to recycle through our recycled plastic and glass packaging that is applied to all our product selections. Our transparent PET recycling system proposes a model for nationwide circulation system that contributes to establishing the culture of circular economy.